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Our complex and delicately balanced biosphere is made up of countless ecosystems, including wildlife of every kind – birds, insects, mammals, fish, reptiles, plants and trees, and much more. The Wildlife Preservation Fund’s efforts include protecting and expand key areas to help wildlife thrive and, in many cases, recover from endangered or threatened status.

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We recognize the devastating effects cancer has on its victims and their family members.Robert Taylor

Our Mission StatementCreate a better tomorrow for vulnerable wildlife around the world. Make a tax-deductible donation today!

Here’s How We Do ItYou Can Be The Next Nature Hero.

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    Step 1: Rescue The Produce

    We rescue 1,700,000 pounds of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from being thrown away in the Landfill at Nogales Arizona.

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    Step 2: Distribute To Animals

    We distribute $2,550,000 worth of Fresh Fruits and vegetables to Wildlife.

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    Step 3: Repeat

    To provide 1,307,692 Nutritious meals of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

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